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What is the difference between Therapy Animals or Service Animals?

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What do therapy animals do?

  • Visit people to help reduce stress and feel better
  • Their unconditional love has a proven healing effect
  • Visit hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, senior apartment complexes, schools, libraries, airports, and group homes as well as other locations.
  • Provide support in emotionally trying situations such as disasters and counseling for victims of crime and abuse.

Therapy animals are:

  • Well trained, well behaved
  • Certified by an organization through tests
  • Insured for each therapy visit
  • Regularly checked and vaccinated by a Veterinarian
  • Kept clean and well groomed
  • Enjoys regular social¬†activities¬†
  • Includes many species: most often dogs, but horses, cats, rabbits, birds, and others are used
  • Please note: TAWNY does not train or certify therapy animals.

For in depth information on how to prepare your animal for testing, look at our brochure.


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Last updated: 21 February 2014